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A family-run company for the best off-road experience

Born in 2014 in Pietramurata, in Trentino, just twenty kilometers from the Trento Sud and Rovereto Sud motorway exits, the borilli OFFROAD PARK off-road paradise; an amazing family-run structure intended for all lovers of enduro and off-road disciplines on two wheels.

The park is located just 17 km from Riva del Garda, a position which guarantees mild temperatures all year round and which offers the opportunity to use off-road motorbikes even in winter without worrying about unfavorable climatic conditions such as fog, snow or ice. The line of the track has been designed with different skill levels in mind, from easy to medium and difficult.

The almost seven kilometers in length were made with tapes, technical passages, logs, rocks and much more inside the woods to make the route as natural as possible, allowing both the professional rider and the amateur to enjoy the potential to the fullest. that this park offers. At the borilli park, riders also have the opportunity to train even at night thanks to a very modern artificial lighting system. The track has been designed to accommodate enduro riders in particular but also those who practice Trial, in fact there are hectares of mountain intended exclusively for the use of the trial bike, where the rider can follow free paths or practice “race-style sections”.

The OFFROAD PARK is therefore the dream of every off-road lover where he can find a 360° service, starting from the 500 square meter structure that offers a well-stocked clothing store, with spare parts and accessories of all kinds for cross, enduro and trial; a comfortable changing room area with toilets, showers, motorbike washing and large car parks for camping with electricity and water connections.

On site it is possible to rent enduro and trial motorbikes including equipment and clothing and for the more interested, book private trial and enduro lessons with specialized federal technicians, for adults, children, novices and agonists.


motorcycles and Enduro/Trial bikes for any age and power

Driving School

with FMI rider for any kind of level/technique, from Rookies to Pro (+4 to +99 age)


sports wear, casual, parts and accessories

Camper area

get your place in th paddock with all the needed accomodations

Next events

3 Enduro lines and Trial area

Enduro: easy (yellow)

Uphill, Downhill, Hairpin, Jumps, Dips, Speed,…nothing too hard but you’ll never get bored, promise!

Enduro: intermediate (green)

Let’s assume you have everything you can image as “off-road”: good now, let’s shake it, mix it again and now turn the throttle all the way down! Test how strong and fast you are!

Enduro: hard (red)

Champion’s line: technique, speed, strength…good luck!

3 Enduro lines and Trial area

If you are a Rookie or a Pro doesn’t matter, at Off Road Park you’ll always find the path that fits your needs and your wishes.

Some Numbers

sqm area: Enduro & Trial

Motorcycles to Rent: tailoring your needs!

Enduro availability: let’s race*

*for kids: PW50, electric 50, 2S 65 e 2S 85


  • Handling 60% 60%
  • Power 85% 85%
  • Stability 70% 70%


  • handling 80% 80%
  • power 70% 70%
  • Stability 70% 70%

KTM 250 EXC-F (4S)

  • handling 80% 80%
  • power 70% 70%
  • Stability 70% 70%

GASGAS EC 250 (2S)

  • handling 75% 75%
  • power 80% 80%
  • Stability 60% 60%


  • handling 90% 90%
  • power 60% 60%
  • Stability 65% 65%

KTM Freeride E-XC

  • handling 100% 100%
  • power 100% 100%
  • Stability 100% 100%

Trial options: from kids to adults with many power available

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