KTM’s Alfredo Gomez has claimed victory at the second edition of The Wall Extreme Enduro in Pietramurata, Italy.

Putting his extreme enduro skills to good use during the night’s main event, Spain’s Alfredo Gomez managed to overcome a two-minute deficit from the morning prologue to put himself on the top step of the podium.

“It was a long day but I’m happy I got the win,” confirmed Gomez. “My times in the morning’s cross test weren’t bad, but I struggled in the enduro test, where I was losing 10 to 20 seconds every time out. I knew it’d be hard to get back the time lost, but anything is possible in extreme enduro. I just did my best and despite two crashes I managed to secure this win.”

The best of the EnduroGP regulars, Ivan Cervantes chased Gomez home for the runner-up result. Earning a close second at the prologue to Beta’s Alex Salvini, Cervantes showed impressive speed in the night’s extreme enduro test aboard his 300cc two-stroke ride. Entering the last test as the provisional overall leader, the Spaniard made two costly mistakes that forced him to settle for the second spot on the final podium.

“Getting second to Alfredo in these conditions is just great,” told Ivan. “The race has a pretty good format. The prologue section was a lot closer to what we’re used to riding, but the night event was a totally different story. I had two huge crashes in the last test, so decided to take it easy to the finish line.”

The battle for the final step on the podium was a close affair between fellow Husqvarna riders Thomas Oldrati and Mario Roman. Pushing hard all the way to the finish, Italy’s Oldrati gave his home fans an extra reason to cheer as he eventually won the final piece of silverware on offer.

“I raced The Wall last year and really liked it,” said Oldrati. “To get a spot on the podium is a huge thing for me. Everybody had crashes in the night’s final, so my goal was to stay away from any stupid mistakes.”

Giving his best at the night’s final, Roman saw his chances for a potential podium result disappear after a big fall in one of the track’s extreme sections. “I did a really good job at the final, but I had a huge crash in the mini wall and lost a bunch of time.” told Roman.

With the leading four riders clear out front, fifth overall went to Honda’s Oscar Balletti, who was the first rider to cross the finish line on a four-stroke machine. Beta’s Deny Philippaerts rounded out the top six finishing less than six seconds behind Balletti.
Final Results - The Wall Extreme Enduro 2016

1. Alfredo Gomez (KTM) 1:18'04.60
2. Ivan Cervantes (KTM) 1:18'30.29
3. Thomas Oldrati (Husqvarna) 1:19'45.07
4. Mario Roman (Husqvarna) 1:19'52.77
5. Oscar Balletti (Honda) 1:23'08.85
6. Deny Philippaerts (Beta) 1:23'14.52
7. Davide Soreca (Honda) 1:24'37.23
8. Andreas Pfeifer (Gas Gas) 1:25'28.46
9. Alessandro Battig (Honda) 1:28'34.70